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She has suffered from gout-arthritis for over 30 years and her elbows and ankles were swollen and can't hardly walk and move around. After taking HVMIN Complex, she has regained her strength to move around and walk freely.
Marcela Timbrella of Bacolod City
Gout and Arthritis


Elete for sports people

Our Three Products

  • Concentrated Mineral Drops

    Is a Liquid Mineral Supplement, Concentrated and Balanced to provide greater Energy, Vitality, and Well-being. Concentrated Mineral Drops CMD is a highly concentrated Ionic Mineral.....

  • Elete for sports people

    The elete range of 100% natural, ionically charged electrolyte products are derived from the solar evaporation of the mineral-rich water of the Great Salt Lake in Utah with nothing else added......

  • Omnimin

    OmniMin is an all-natural, low-sodium sea mineral concentrate from Utah's Great Salt Lake. OmniMin offers superior value in an all-natural, low-sodium Great Salt Lake Mineral Supplement.


All about CMD

MRI CMD - Electrolyte Demonstration

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